Wk 9 Artist Conversation

This week I did the artist conversation on the exhibit Infraction. Dalia Bañuelos and Daniel Bonilla-Vera were the creators of the art peaces. They explored the depths of frustration and anger that strived from one of the artist’s being denied from an art school for the second time. They wanted to bring light to the disappointments, failures, and frustration that comes with success. They used a variety of lines, textures and dark tones to emphasize their frustration. Art allowed them to express their emotions in a productive way.


When first entering the exhibit I instantly fell for the work. I was so curious and tempted to know what the art was actually about. As I walked through the exhibit I noticed that almost every piece of art was attached by string. Before gaining insight about the exhibit from the artist, I began to analyze the work and attempt to figure out what it actually meant on my own. The use of drawings and paintings, strings to connect them and two “human bodies” to resemble pain in a sense, was just to mind bottling. I also noticed how some of the drawings were not in place.


After analyzing the exhibit I began to take down some notes on the artist perspective of their exhibit. I wasn’t really able to gather a lot of information, although I did learn a lot about why the exhibit was actually created. It was inspired by failure and frustration. Due to the fact that the artist didn’t get accepted into the school of their choice, they then took failure and created something positive. I believe they wanted to show that quitting isn’t an option, and that one should still continue to do what he/she loves no matter what. Which is why I really like this exhibit. Ironically it gives off positive vibes even though the art was inspired from frustration.


In a world full of success and dreams. We never see the struggle that people have overcome to get there. That is why I enjoyed this particular exhibit. I was able to relate in multiple aspects, especially when i was waiting for my acceptances in to Cal state Long Beach. I became frustrated and uneasy when I saw all my friends getting accepted and I had yet to receive anything. So I was able to relate to the artist and his/her state of mind during the creation of their artwork. I liked that they used their talents in order to productively express how they were feeling. Many times we don’t see that frustration or anger but many people can relate to it in a variety of ways.


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