Wk 15 Artist Conversation

So for this weeks artist conversation I visited the exhibit that was selling pottery. I wasn’t quite able to find out the name of the exhibit, tho it’s primary focus is pottery. I believe the artist for this exhibit was anyone who participated in creating pottery, whether it was students, staff or faculty.


The art mainly consisted of pottery. Each piece was design different, each having its own distinct color and shape. Overall each piece was unique in its own way.


Due to the fact that this weeks exhibits were actually stores, I think it’s safe to say that there was no actual meaning behind any of the art.


As I stated before, the artist within this exhibit just so happen to be students, staff and faculty. Meaning there are multiple artist. Therefore it’s pretty hard to determine what ideas where put into this exhibit. Although it’s still interesting to see the different pieces. that were made, and how differently people think.



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