Wk 12 Artist Conversation

This week I did the artist conversation on an exhibit done by a group of photographers. This group is known as photo collective and they simply capture art within a photo. Their interest are to partake in open dialogue about life and art and more. They also partake in many other community activities such as workshops, camping trips and group shows.


As I walked through the exhibit I wasn’t quite sure if each piece was it’s own individual piece or if the art connected. Although, the art consisted of a variety of different photos structured into something creative and artistic. Each piece was piece seemed somewhat “normal” except for the strange bed placed in the center of the exhibit. I wasn’t quite sure on why it was there, and unfortunately wasn’t able to receive that information.


As I stated before, I wasn’t able to really capture on what the authors intentions were on the art. Though I feel as if the art mainly consisted of photos that lead into something more than what it originally was. Every piece told a different story and gave off a different vibe. Overall the exhibit emphasized on photography and the key components behind it.


To me I saw the exhibit as a way to tell a story within a story. I feel as if the authors were able to show the faces and bodies of many, and structure it in a way to tell a certain story. Overall I enjoyed viewing this exhibit due to the fact that it inspired me to look more into photography and how deep and structured it is.



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