Wk 11- Classmate Conversation

So this week I did the classmate conversation with Jose Perez. This is his second year here at csulb and his major is business finance. He enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to music and traveling. He’s been to several countries in Europe and plans on visiting more. Jose also enjoys watching sports, he says he music and sports are some of the few things he looks up to. And for the questions of the week, I think that fan art is a good way for someone to express what they are feeling. I think all art is like that. I don’t think Demi Lovato shouldn’t have reacted the way she did. If I were in here shoes, I would probably enjoy seeing myself as a mermaid. Not because having your head on a mermaids body seems cool, but due to the fact that someone took the time to draw me because they’re a fan. I don’t think any art is bad art, therefore fan art is good art.



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