Wk 11- Artist Conversation

IMG_2425.JPGThe other exhibit I viewed was related back to art in the form of decoding. The artist used weaving as an art, as a symbol of what path we decide to take. I wasn’t quite sure on who the artist was nor how to read the formula for the quilt, though I still enjoyed the work.


As I walked around the exhibit the one thing that stood out the most was the quilt. I then began to analyze the coding pinned next to the art work. To this day I’m still not sure what it resembles but it’s quite interesting. Though I noticed how precise the work was and how formal it appeared.


As I stated before, I wasn’t told much information on the work, nor did I speak to the artists. Therefore I wasn’t able to conclude the artists intentions. Although I did analyze the artists statement. In the artist statement the artist formed a series of questions that lead to a final statement relating to how the audience viewed the art. With bold colors and different codes each art peace was different in its own way; from the different color schemes, to weaving patterns. I thought this aspect of the exhibit was interesting.


Overall this exhibit showed me that even simple things such as knitting a quilt can be so much more than just knitting a quilt. It also showed me that art isn’t just one simple thing, it’s different to everyone. Someone could see or feel something towards the art opposed to someone else. To conclude, I really enjoyed this exhibit due to the artist statement. It allowed me to view art in different perspectives.



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