Wk 10- Artist Conversation

So since I missed last weeks artist conversation, I am going to do two this week. This exhibit caught my attention due to the fact that it was dark and mysterious. The artist of this exhibit is known as Kyle Kruse. His intentions on his work is to show people the cycle of humanity. After speaking to Kyle, he explained that we lose our humanity due to society. He wants us to realize that we are who we are because of society.


As I walked in the exhibit I first noticed the lighting and how mysterious it was. I noticed three figures with some sort of pictures behind them. I then began to walk towards three set of TV’s. I tried to comprehend what was being played although it was hard. Overall the entire exhibit was confusing at first until I spoke with the artist, and even then it was still confusing.


As I stated earlier, the artists intentions were to show how we have evolved over time. He explained to me that we as humans learn as we evolve and over time what we have learned may or may not change. He took something so complex and developed an exhibit worth viewing. The way his work was expressed was quite fascinating.


Overall this exhibit allowed me to elaborate more on the thought of human behavior. I myself believe in some of the artists beliefs which is why I really enjoyed this exhibit.

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