Wk 8 Classmate Conversation

So I did my classmate conversation with Natalie Santana. Shes hoping to graduate as a hospitality major in about a year/a year and a half. Her goal is to become a casino property manager. She’s a very adventurous girl and She’s been skydiving and zip lining before, what She plans on doing next is bungee jumping. She loves to eat, watch tv and sleep during her free time and She currently has two jobs and right now She’s working at a pumpkin patch which is fun she says. We went over the questions for the week and we chose the question that asks if one would support their child if he/she wanted to pursue in an art career. Natalie said that she would be supportive of her child wanting to pursue an art career but only if that is really what they want to do. She feels as if it’s their life and they should live it the way they want to. When she thought about how her parents were trying to make her go into a major that She didn’t want to do and She just was not doing well. So forcing your child to do something they’re not interested in is going to be a waste of time so might as well let them choose something that they are passionate about and hope for the best but also She would be realistic with them and talk about how there aren’t that many jobs they can get doing that.


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