Wk 6- Artist Conversation

Exhibition Information:
Artist: Students, Staff, and Faculty
Exhibition: Wood Exhibition
Media: Wood
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery


Art is a form of expression, it’s an emotion it’s a replica of what someone envisions or sees. The exhibition represented the wood clubs art. They strive too achieve structural designs, furniture etc in a way that can replicate a natural wood. The club believes that in every person there is some creativity that every person is an artist. That’s what interested me in this particular exhibit over the rest.
The Wood program and CRAFTED Wood club is a club that creates furniture and sculptures entirely out of wood. The quality of the work is extremely good and in my opinion very creative. Each piece stands out differently, yet they all give off a natural feel. I think the use of wood makes each piece a little more enjoyable to look at.


As I stated before, the artist within this exhibit just so happen to be students, staff and faculty. Meaning there are multiple artist. Therefore it’s pretty hard to determine what ideas where put into this exhibit. Although it’s still interesting to see the different pieces. that were made, and how differently people think.


This exhibit allowed me to view wood in a different form. I never noticed the beauty that wood held until I saw all the art within the exhibit. The different forms, colors, and textures each individual peace of art had opened up my eyes too it’s true beauty. Throughout the entire exhibit I kept reminiscing about the time I went camping with my entire family the cabin we stayed at was filled with a variety of different woods and textures. From the exterior to interior there was beauty that I never appreciate until now. The beauty in the art as well as the mind set within the club is what I enjoyed. The club believes that every person is an artist every person has the creativity to create a peace of art.




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