Wk4- Artist Conversation

So this week I did the artist conversation on the, “To Hold a Letter to The Light” exhibit. The artist of this exhibit is known as Jan Talmadge Davids, and she’s an undergrad at CSULB and is working on getting her BFA degree in the School or Art’s Ceramics Program. I wasn’t able to speak to the artist face to face, but I was still able gather some information.


This exhibit was pretty cool because it had meaning. Each object hanging from the ceiling is made of paper clay, and is a replica of letters Jan had wrote. The unique part of this is exhibit was the use of flashlights that allowed everyone to see what Jan had wrote inside of the envelope. She also left letters somewhat crumbled in the corner as a way of showing that she redid some.


Jan creates a numerous amount of letters about private thoughts that became public. It lets the viewer imagine what is going on inside someone’s mind. Within her letters she goes over everyday topics such as journeys, life lessons and well life itself. In her description, she states, “bring a more complete view of a person in private view thought that are revealed to the viewer..”. I believe her purpose was to show the viewer how differently people think.


Overall this exhibit was very interesting and intelligent. I think the use of using letters to tell a story in such a way was brilliant, as well as placing crumbled up paper clay “letters” in the corner shows how much thought was put into this piece. I enjoyed viewing this and as well as the other exhibits, and I can’t for next week.


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