Wk3- Artist Conversation

The art exhibit that caught my eye on Wednesday was the “School of Arts Makers Society.” It is a club that consists of many different crafts and projects, that  allows others to work on the art themselves. This club is ran by Ellin who is the treasure, and Alice who is the Vice President for this particular club. They see art as something that anyone and everyone can do which is why I enjoy their club. 


As I stated before, the work that is done in this club is done by everyday people. They had posters posted for those who want to draw. They had blocks for those who wanted to construct a structure of some sort. They even had a sticker machine that allows one to create their own stickers. There wasn’t any precise form of how the art was made, yet the art itself was still creative due to the different aspects each individual provided. 

As I was talking to Ellin and Alice I was able to conclude that this club is for those who can’t necessarily be creative. It allows each individual to express themselves and incorporate their feelings into some piece. They want as many people to interact with their club because it shows in the end result how art can turn out. Although, I believe this club shows more than just end results. In my eyes I see that no matter who you are or what talent you have, the more minds put into one piece the better the art is, creating something that one person can’t.


When walking through the exhibits I saw something different in each one. Although, the “School of Arts Makers Society” was the only exhibit that drew my attention. The exhibit not only allowed viewers to view the art, but it also allowed them to be involved in making it. The reason I chose this galley for my assignment was to show how everyone can create something. I see life as art. Meaning everything can be used to form some sort of art. Overall this assignment opened up my mind as an artist allowing me to become more creative. I enjoyed every gallery I seen because it showed me how this world can create something so amazing.


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