Plaster Project

I never viewed my hand as a form of art until I was assigned this project. It was a hot sunny day when I decided to get my project done. Before I could even begin to ponder on the thought of my project I had to go to the store to gather all the materials needed. My girlfriend and I went to Home Depot asked for assistance in order to find the plaster of Paris as well as a bucket and a ruler to mix the mixture. Once we gathered all the materials needed, we headed to the beach. I went in a casual outfit thinking it was just gonna be a simple task, not knowing what I had in store. I laid all of my materials out and began to dig a hole in the sand. I placed my hand in the sand and began to layer, layers of moist sand on top in order to form my hand. I removed my hand and put the plaster in my hand mold and proceeded to wait until it was complete. I continuously checked on the status of the mold, once it hardened I removed the sand. During that process a man asked if I had found a bone and I explained that I was doing an art project.

Overall I enjoyed this project, not only because it was artsy and creative, but because it showed me how you can create something unique with a few everyday items. Meaning you can create many different things with many different items. Which is why I’m looking forward to see what this class has in store.


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